Windows instances are here!

Windows instances are here!

Windows instances are here!












Cool!  And it looks like the interface has been enhanced so you can use other people’s instances.  (I don’t know about you but I’ve changed the default Unity close window icon from the upper left corner to the upper right corner enough times thank you very much)

Sorry about the lax posting but I’ve been studying for a test that requires you to know things like “The deduction for a casualty loss is the lesser of the purchase price or the fair market value, unless the property was partially used for business then it’s the lesser of the purchase price, fair market value or adjusted basis, then subtract 10% (not 7.5%) of the AGI and then subtract another $100”.  (Yes, I did type that from memory.  On the plus side, I did have…fun…this election season during political discussions whenever an incautious yearling sought to edify me on the subject of taxes).

On the down side, I’ve never actually used Win Server 2008.  Is it like XP?


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