The odds must be astronomical…I’ve used stackato, and now I see an ad for it!

What are the odds?

 How to see this blog on your kindle

Pre-requisites:  You have a kindle, registered it with amazon, and set up to use wifi.

The method that requires you to use the kindle keyboard:

1.  Press the menu button, then Experimental, then launch browser

2.  type in

The method that does not require you to use the kindle keyboard:

1.  Go to, log in and go to ‘Manage Your Kindle’.

2.  Under Personal Document Settings, note the email address for your kindle.  It will be something like

3.  Don’t use that email address.

4.  Use  This forces it to use the wifi instead of the phone network.

5.  Make sure your regular email address is listed under ‘Approved Personal Document E-mail list.  Add it if it isn’t, and anyone else you might want to get docs from. is another place you can push to kindle from.

6.  Paste that url in a text document, attach it and mail it to your kindle address.

7.  This also works for the kindle app on your android tablet.  For some reason they show up at the kindle (a few minutes) faster than at the kindle app (can be many minutes).


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