HP Cloud Services Portfolio and Service Offerings Update

HP Cloud Services Portfolio and Service Offerings Update

Today we are excited to announce that HP is moving HP Cloud Compute to general availability with a Service Level Agreement (SLA), after maturing the service through a public Beta period. Additionally, HP Cloud Block Storage is moving from private beta to public beta.We are particularly grateful for your business and feedback as we build HP Cloud Services’ portfolio and service offerings.Organizations need a public cloud environment that provides a secure, enterprise-grade quality of service backed by customer support. The HP Cloud Services public cloud platform, built on OpenStack technology, provides organizations of all sizes with the confidence to run and operate cloud-based services at scale.

New features and functionality enhancements advance HP’s open, scalable, integrated Infrastructure-as-a-Service offerings:

  • The general availability of HP Cloud Compute. Starting at $0.04 per hour, the service will be offered at prices advertised on www.hpcloud/pricing, with a service level agreement of at least 99.95 percent on a monthly basis or fewer than 30 minutes downtime per month. In appreciation of your engagement through the Beta period, we continue to offer the service at a 50% discount off the list price for the month of December, through December 31, 2012. The full list prices shall apply starting January 1, 2013.
  • The advancement of HP Cloud Block Storage to public beta. Starting at $0.10 per GB per month, HP Cloud Block Storage allows users to easily move data from one compute instance to another. This high-performance, persistent storage solution is ideal for applications requiring frequent data access such as web applications. The service will be discounted 50% during the public beta period. If you are a current private beta user of Block Storage, you will not be charged for our public Beta service until January 1, 2013.
HP Cloud Promotional Public Beta Pricing
Block Storage (provisioned) Standard Pricing Promotional Public Beta Pricing
Block Storage $0.10 per GB/mo. $0.05 per GB/mo.
I/O Requests $0.10 per 1 million requests $0.05 per 1 million requests
(stored in HP Cloud Block Storage)
$0.10 per GB/mo.
(per block snapshot volume provisioned)
$0.05 per GB/mo.
(per block snapshot volume provisioned)
Volume Backups
(stored in HP Cloud Object Storage)
$0.12 per GB/mo.
(based on actual HP Cloud Object Storage used after compression)
(Standard HP Cloud Object Storage pricing – in general availability and not subject to promotional pricing)
For further details on our SLAs for HP Cloud, visit hpcloud.com/sla. We would be glad to answer any questions you might have.Thank you for your continued support and patience while we improve HP Cloud Services. If you have any questions, comments, or feedback please contact our Support Team via email at support@hpcloud.com, Live Chat from your Management Console, or by submitting a support request athttps://console.hpcloud.com/cases/new. HP Cloud Services representatives are available 24×7 to assist you.Regards,

The HP Cloud team


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